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Monday, February 27, 2006

Taxes and Death

Isn't there an old saying that the only sure things in life are taxes and death? I'm going to put in a bulleted list (just for you Mother Goose) of a few things that are SURE around our house . . .

  • One of my children is going to be injured around my new friend Cindy (whose prides herself in the fact that her child has only bled 3 times in as many years). I feel certain this takes away ANY chance I had of becoming MotY.
  • Jon Thomas is going to form tackle Charlie approximately 63,245 times a day. There reaches a point where I stop considering this a bad thing and look at it as "practice for later careers for which my children will be highly paid and will take care of me" - or at least hire someone else to do it.
  • I will put in a load of laundry (because my resolution was to keep up with it this year and not let it pile up) only to realize that there is one sock laying on the floor. I'll later put the clean sock up until the other one gets washed in the next days laundry only to realize I have no clue where I have put the sock for "safe keeping". Oh and by the way, if you (in a fit of organizational glory) decide to color code your kids socks with a Sharpie marker so pairing them will be easier, don't use a red Sharpie. After washing, the mark will look like an old blood stain, and your child will appear to have oozing foot wounds!
  • Jon Thomas and Charlie will decide to play the squealing game at the height of the worst headache in my life. However, I'm reluctant to do away with the squealing game because its the only thing they actually do well together!
  • No one poops alone here - even with the well meaning parents and door locks!
  • I will consider - probably not often enough - how blessed I am to have such a wonderful little family to raise!


  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger Amber said…

    thanks for the laugh.. every time i read your blogs i can just hear your voice. I totally get everything you are saying- ive just come to the conclusion that the laundry around here will NEVER be done!!!!

  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger mk said…

    I just want to get the laundry put away before it's time to wear them again.

    BYW, love the do on JT!

  • At 9:21 PM, Blogger Mother Goose said…

    This is the best post EVER! Girl ... I am sold. You are hysterical. Now I remember why I'm your friend.

    Just kidding,


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