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Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Vacation (at least I think so . . .)

So, we're back from the Christmas break, and boy, I am so glad. Is it a universal rule that whenever we travel to Jackson, MS for longer than 48 hours, we have to visit my sister's pediatrician? I think we know him better than our own doc. So, two infected ears on Christmas Eve Eve (for you lay peeps that's the day before Christmas Eve) and one big ol' antibiotic shot later, we are all reasonably okay. That is, if you consider okay to be one snotty baby and one snotty, ear infected big boy that has a serious growing case of sibling rivalry! Christmas was just hard on him - the poor kid. At one point I seriously contemplated getting "Santa" to return all his gifts for a bag of switches.

We then went to my mother's where I ALWAYS manage to find a completely inappropriate book to read! I can't seem to help myself Danielle Steele (which my grandmother says as DAN L Steele) can really write! So, I've had my trashy romance novel fix for this quarter! Just thinking about my grandmother and I reading the same Dan L Steele novels makes me blush!

On the job search front, I've applied for TWO positions for which I feel that I am perfectly suited. Hopefully the people responsible for hiring will too. I've got to make some contacts though because these jobs are more along the lines of program coordinator, and I just don't think that people get that I'm quite capable of such work since I can't change my resume in any way to make myself seem like less of a science geek! People just don't get that my degree in public health makes me such a well rounded employee! I've got to figure out how to change that!

Well, I must end here - I have to go call my husband at his job and try to convince him that it is wise for my to give my two weeks notice at the hospital prior to finding another job!

Happy New Year to all!


  • At 10:32 AM, Blogger Mother Goose said…

    Hey ... Happy New Year. We have all been sick too ... ear infections and coughing and now a nebulizer. I'm currently addicted to Zicam to clear my nasal passages. And, my sister-in-law had the stomach virus which we have yet to come down with ... that'll probably be next week when I'm about to start my new dayjob.

    You know that I only gave awards for Christmas cards to The Most Terrible cards ... it wasn't supposed to be a good thing if you got an award. Yours was precious, as usual.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!


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