Who needs an epidemiologist?

Here's the story of me - a well-educated (but broke) woman trying to raise two wee boys, a husband, be Martha Stewart, Ty Pennington, and Rachel Ray all rolled into one, while desparately seeking a career in epidemiology (which is NOT the study of the skin).

Monday, December 12, 2005

The First Post

So, I've been convinced by a friend to start this lovely (and a little too public) record of my quest for greatness in the world of epidemiologists. Really it isn't a quest so much as me trying to find ANY job that remotely has to do with the field in which I hold two degrees and let me have some time during this life to raise the two sweetest children alive. I probably should also define the term sweetest for you! In my case, sweetest means one boy child that has so much energy that people routinely say things like, "he's so busy" and "you have your hands full" (neither of which are complimentary things to say to a person), and a second boy child who smiles, drools, and spits up (complimentary description of projectile vomiting) at the drop of a hat. All in all, I have a terrific life - I just haven't found exactly what job situation is right for me here in Huntsvile. Yes, HuntsVILE - I still haven't gotten quite used to living here yet, and I miss Atlanta and all the people there so much that I'm even typing in the Georgia font as a way to connect!

I'll be sending out two resumes in a few minutes, so I'm certaint that by the end of the week, I'll have some good job-hunting stories to share with you so stay tuned . . .

If you are questioning whether or not to ever visit this blog again, consider - if you ask anyone who knows me, my life is a lot like a sitcom - there is AT LEAST one embarrassing moment every episode!


  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Mother Goose said…

    My mother-in-law DESPERATELY needs an epidemiologist. She is one of those OCD people who types things like, "chickens + babies + disease" into the google search box and then calls me to report the results. Truly, having you on hand could save her a lot of reading.

    YAY for MOtY!


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