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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


-Pots, pans, dishes, cups . . . . . . CHECK
-Clothing, towels, sheets, blankets . . . . . . CHECK
-Bilateral myringotomy with titanium tubes . . . . . . CHECK

As the days here in Huntsville wind down, we still have many things going on! Charlie's little immune system suddenly decided that it no longer liked the regular, garden variety ear tubes anymore and thus launched into full 'foreign-body rejection' attack mode which in regular, non-MD language means that his ear spouted blood, pus and other disgusting fluids at varying times during the day. Nice. As of today, we have a lovely set of titanium ear tubes that are supposedly VERY inert and not likely to upset young immune systems. What can I say, we know how to have fun!

We also have a house, err place to live in New Orleans. Because they don't have an apartment open for us, they have offered for us to live in 'temporary' housing. This means, we can live in a 'quad' apartment that is meant for four singles. Good news - four bedrooms, two bathrooms, cheaper, on campus. Bad news - REALLY small, already furnished, no additional furniture can be added, six kitchen cabinets. Needless to say, this changes our moving plan a little, and we have been going through all the boxes and paring them down even more.

BUT, we are moving in a little over a week, and we are EXCITED about it! The homeschooling is a go, and I am happily purchasing school supplies in anticipation. I also purchased clippers and shears so that my haircutting friend Tracey could teach me how to cut everyone's hair. She came over yesterday, and I am happy to report that I cut all three guys heads and they all lived to tell about it! Mind you, it was not JUST with the clippers, it was with the actual scissors too! They even all look pretty nice. I was happily surprised and think this new investment will save me approximately $30.00 per month. Rockin'!

The next time I post, it'll be from The Big Easy! I am SURE there will be a good moving story, so look forward to being happily embarrassed for me!


  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger Bridget said…

    I am glad Charlie is going to be ok...poor guy, he has had his share of health issues. Also good to know you have a place to stay....I am sure that feels better than not knowing. Let us know when you get settled!

  • At 8:45 PM, Blogger mk said…

    Wow, you really know how to have a good time! I hope everything goes well with the move. Be sure to send us your new address so we can keep sending our cards and letters :o) I hope this set of tubes works out well for Charlie. D had t-tubes put in about 1.5 years ago and their still doing fine.


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