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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am really good at this . . . .

Clearly I am a house selling genius!!!! In SIX short days, not only did we get one offer, but TWO offers with one of these offers being ASKING PRICE! All the decluttering, depersonalizing, giving that house a 'homey' smell will be worth it when that check is in my hot little hands!

However, we really got a kick out of the request for repairs sheet, because the homeowner went a little overboard! For example, she wants us to ' have the two fence gate latches adjusted so that they open and close with ease' AND she requested that we add FIVE additional smoke detectors making a total of seven. The house is 1281 square feet with nine rooms- seriously, are we going to have smoke detectors for every room of this house? In addition to that, she wants us to provide receipts where a licensed professional completed all the repairs. Does she really think that I am going to have a licensed professional come out and adjust gate latches? Um, I don't think there is a heading for that in the Yellow Pages - Latch Specialist? Whatever.

Needless to say, the packing is commencing as well as the extreme paring down of all our possessions. As I pack in the sweltering heat, I wonder why we always manage to move in July? Because I know how to have a good time.


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