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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cartoon Tyrannies, etc.

Okay, so lately when I'm watching TV with Jon Thomas (yes, he watches TV), I've noticed there are things that disturb (well maybe not quite disturb, but close) me. Here they are . . .
  • Sir Topham Hat has his finger in the pie of every business venture on the Island of Sodor - he runs the trains, buses, and apparently has control of Harold the Helicopter too. Wouldn't that be considered a monopoly on the transportation industry and be illegal? I think there should be an episode where STH is tried before a jury of his peers for his obvious squelching of free trade.
  • What normal person would have their COMPUTER set up next to their cannisters on their tile countertop in the kitchen so the talking cucumber and tomato can use it every now and then?
  • Why does Dora the Explorer talk in an insanely loud voice on TV? The girl has clearly not been properly explained the concept of the "inside voice" becasue she never uses one. She screams throughout the entire program.
  • Jon Thomas was allowed to watch Caillou a couple of times and now I do not allow it in my home any longer. First, that child is the whinest creature on the planet and secondly, no parent can use that deadly calm voice in the midst of total chaos - "Caillou, it isn't nice to set your sister's hair on fire. Mommy and Daddy don't approve of that." UGH!


  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger mk said…

    I'm so glad you've noticed the same things as me. While we never watch Thomas in our house, I agree that Dora does not have an inside voice. I'm also bothered that she never knows where anything is (hasn't she figured out that whatever she's looking for is either right behind her or at least in the top right corner of the screen? I don't allow Caillou in our house either because of the same reasons. We have enough whining in our house without any help from a tv character.

  • At 10:42 PM, Blogger Amber said…

    um, i think you run a close second to Caillou's mom with the calm voice in the midst of chaos. I dont know any other mom who can sound so kind to her child when you are ready to rip their head off. Caillou would be dead and I would be in jail if I were his mommy.


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